Urban's Colour Reference Charts Gunze Sangyo

Urban's Colour Reference Charts Gunze Sangyo
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Gunze Sangyo Aqueous

Japan was early to adopt  acrylic paints in modelling, and Gunze Sangyo has been in the forefront of the development. Gunze Sangyo Aqueous colours are still some of the finest flowing acrylic airbrush paints available. Thinning may be accomplished with either isopropyl alcohol or Gunze thinner, both producing super-thin, smooth coats.

Gunze Sangyo acrylic numbers ar often given in Japanese kit instructions (i.e. Hasegawa) as "black numbers in white boxes". The paints in Gunze "Mr colour" range, often denoted as "white numbers in black boxes", use different numbering system, and most often do not match the shades given here.

This chart has been last revised in September 2006

Colour name Comment FS Humbrol Tamiya Xtracolor Polly S Revell Model Master
H1 Gloss White     Hu:22 T:X-2        
H2 Gloss Black     Hu:21 T:X-1        
H3 Gloss Red     Hu:19 T:X-7     Rev:31  
H4 Gloss Yellow     Hu:69 T:X-8        
H5 Gloss Blue     Hu:15 T:X-3     Rev:52?  
H6 Gloss Green     Hu:3 T:X-5        
H7 Gloss Brown     Hu:10 T:X-9        
H8 Silver Note: Typical for many Hasegawa kits is that when the   instruction states 'H8', they often actually mean 'Light grey'!   Hu:11 T:X-11/XF-16        
H9 Gold     Hu:16 T:X-12        
H10 Copper     Hu:12 T:XF-6        
H11 Flat White     Hu:34 T:XF-2   P:11?    
H12 Flat Black     Hu:33 T:X-18/XF-1   P:10    
H13 Flat Red     Hu:73 T:XF-7/XF-9?        
H14 Gloss Orange     Hu:18 T:X-6        
H15 Gloss Bright Blue     Hu:14 T:X-4        
H16 Yellow Green     Hu:38 T:X-15     Rev:60  
H17 Cocoa Brown (gloss)     Hu:10          
H18 Steel             Rev:91  
H19 Pink     Hu:200 T:X-17        
H20 Flat Varnish     Hu:49          
H21 Off White     Hu:41?          
H22 Gloss Dark grey     Hu:5          
H23 Gloss Shine Red     Hu:60 T:X-7        
H24 Orange Yellow                
H25 Sky Blue     Hu:48 T:X-14        
H26 Mid Green     Hu:2       Rev:61  
H27 Tan     Hu:9          
H28 Metallic Black     Hu:201          
H29 Salmon Pink (gloss)                
H30 Gloss Varnish     Hu:35          
H31 White Green (gloss)     Hu:90          
H32 Field Grey (gloss)     Hu:67?          
H33 Russet (gloss)     Hu:133?          
H34 Cream Yellow                
H35 Cobalt Blue     Hu:198?       Rev:53 Blue RAL 5013  
H36 Dark Green (gloss)     Hu:75 T:XF-11        
H37 Wood Brown (gloss)     Hu:10          
H38 Steel Red Rust + Silver   Hu:53? / T:X-10        
H39 Metallic Gloss Purple     Hu:68 T:X-16        
H40 Flat Base Mix in paints to achieve flat appearance   Hu:206          
H41 Pale Green (gloss)     Hu:65*1+Hu:90*1          
H42 Blue Grey (gloss)   FS:35164 Hu:144          
H43 Wine Red     Hu:20       Rev:32  
H44 Flesh     Hu:61 T:XF-15     Rev:35  
H45 Light Blue (gloss)     Hu:47       Rev:50  
H46 Emerald Green (gloss)     Hu:2       Rev:364  
H47 Red Brown (gloss?)     Hu:160          
H48 Field Grey 11     Hu:111          
H49 Violet (met. gloss)     Hu:68? T:X-16 with a touch of silver        
H50 Lime Green (gloss)     Hu:38 (not quite) T:X-15        
H51 Light Gull Grey   FS:16440 (but more gloss) Hu:183?          
H52 Olive drab (semigloss)     Hu:155     P:52?    
H53 Neutral Grey     Hu:128          
H54 Navy Blue (semigloss)     Hu:77?          
H55 Midnight Blue (gloss)     Hu:15 T:X-3        
H56 Intermediate Blue     Hu:144 T:XF-18        
H57 Aircraft Grey (gloss)   FS:36231 Hu:147     P:PCA824    
H58 Interior Green (gloss)     Hu:151     P:PCA802?/821?/833?    
H59 IJN Green (gloss)       T:XF-11   X:353 P:PCJ91  
H60 IJA Green (semigloss)       T:XF-13 X:X351 P:PCJ91    
H61 IJN Light Grey (gloss)     Hu:146 T:XF-12 X:X354      
H62 IJA Light Grey (semigloss)       T:XF-14 X:X352      
H63 Metallic Blue-green Interior colour     T:X-13 X:X355      
H64 RLM Dark Green 71 (semigloss)     Hu:116 T:XF-61        
H65 RLM Dark Green 70     Hu:91? T:XF-13     Rev:363?  
H66 RLM Sand Brown 79 (semigloss)     Hu:62   X:X224/X209? P:PCG708    
H67 RLM Light Blue 65 (semigloss)     Hu:65 T:XF-23 X:X202 P:PCG701    
H68 RLM Dark Grey 74 (semigloss)     Hu:27 T:XF-63? (+slate grey?) X:X206 P:PCG84    
H69 RLM Mid Grey 75       T:XF-54? (+khaki drab?) X:X207 P:PCG707    
H70 RLM Grey 02 (semigloss)     Hu:92 T:XF-22 X:X201 P:PCG83    
H71 Middle Stone (semigloss)     Hu:84 T:XF-60        
H72 Dark Earth (semigloss)     Hu:29 T:XF-52        
H73 Dark Green (semigloss)     Hu:30 T:XF-61        
H74 Sky Duck Egg Green (semigloss)     Hu:23 T:XF-21        
H75 Dark Sea Grey (semigloss)     Hu:27 T:XF-54        
H76 Burnt Iron     Hu:53 T:X-10        
H77 Tyre Black     Hu:33 T:XF-1     Rev:9 Anthracite, ultra-dark grey  
H78 Olive Drab 2 (semigloss)     Hu:66 T:XF-62        
H79 Sand Yellow (dark) (semigloss)     Hu:93          
H80 Khaki Green     Hu:159? T:XF-51?        
H81 Khaki     Hu:26 T:XF-49        
H82 Dark Grey (semigloss)     Hu:156? T:XF-53?        
H83 Dark Grey (semigloss)     Hu:123? (Japanese naval subjects) T:XF-57        
H84 Mahogny (semigloss)     Hu:10? T:X-9 /any gloss brown        
H85 Sail Colour     Hu:71? Satin oak, cream coloured leather          
H86 Red Madder Dark Reddish-Purple   brighter than Hu:107          

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