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21-56523 TAMIYA 56523, RC TRUCK Multi Function Control Unit Euro Style

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TAMIYA 56523, RC TRUCK Multi Function Control Unit Euro Style

TAMIYA 56523, RC TRUCK Multi Function Control Unit Euro Style


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 TAMIYA 56523, RC TRUCK Multi Function Control Unit Euro Style


 The multi-function unit TAMIYA MFC-03 Euro-Style simulated in truck models, almost all sound and lighting functions of the great models. It complements the included in a European line six-cylinder diesel engine sound perfectly Tamiya models such as the MAN TGX, Mercedes Benz Actros, Scania R470 and more.
The operation and control unit, a speed controller is also included, has 33 realistic sound, numerous light and up to 21 functional options for model tractors in 1:14 scale and others. All functions are operated using commercially available 4-channel remote control.
The multi-functional unit MFC-03 Euro-Style can be used in three modes. Driving mode with and without light and sound as well as a demo mode, the sound and light shows functions.
Scope of delivery: multi-function unit (central control unit), LEDs, cables, vibration module, speaker sound box, detailed and illustrated installation and operating instructions
Technical details: The following functions can be simulated with multifunction unit.
Noises / sounds audible signal, starting the engine idling, parking brake, driving with and without trailers, coupling and uncoupling, shifting to a higher gear, shift to a lower gear, air brake (1), air pressure brake (2), brake bleeding, Brake, Horn (short), Horn (long), blinkers (1) Lights (2), hazard lights, reverse, deflation, stop the engine, announcement in deterioration of battery power.
Lighting functions:  
headlamps, fog lamps, position light (parking light), roof Additional lamps (some with optional roof light bar), gear indicator (only with roof lights), turn signals, hazard lights, brake lights, reversing lights
Drive and control functions : 
Electronic speed controller with low speed + brake vibration function (wobbling of the cab), controlling the outrigger.
Functions on the unit : on / off switch, light functions selector, roof lamp functions selector (roof lamp or gear indicator), flashing functions selector switch (turn signal or hazard warning lights), volume control
Option : 
When used with the optional motorized support legs N ° 56505 can be remotely controlled semi-trailers on and disconnect.

The Trinity of Sounds, Lights, and Vibration creates Maximum Authenticity 
This Multi-Function Control Unit makes your 1/14 scale R/C tractor come to life: sounds, lights, and vibration can be recreated. The brain of this unit, MFC-01 operates these effects and actions synchronizing them with vehicle movement. Engine sound has been digitally recorded from a diesel engine. Typical truck sound, such as exhaust-brake, air dryer, and air-brake can be reproduced as well as sounds for shift change, alarms, coupler connection/separation and more! In addition to all of these features, a total of 9 different types of LED lights (20 in all) are featured. A vibration unit replicates engine start-up and wind-down sequences with incredible realism. The MFC-01 also works as an electronic speed controller that enables extremely low speed for semi-trailer coupling to normal running speed. Sound and light effects can also be controlled manually by the Control Unit.

sound Effects:

  • Alarm 1
  • Alarm 2
  • Engine Starter
  • Idling
  • Air Dryer
  • Revving
  • Running Without Semi-Trailer
  • Running With Semi-Trailer
  • Coupler Attachment
  • Coupler Detachment
  • Down-Shifting
  • Up-Shifting
  • Air Discharging 1
  • Air Discharging 2
  • Exhaust Brake
  • Brake
  • Short Honk
  • Continous Honk
  • Turn Signal 1
  • Turn Signal 2
  • Hazard Lamp
  • Back Alarm
  • PArking Brake
  • Engine Stop

    Electric Effects:

  • Head Light
  • Fog Lamp
  • Roof Lamp
  • Tailight
  • Turn Signals
  • Hazard Lamp
  • Speed Indicator
  • Back Light
  • Auxiliary Lamp

    Special Operations: 
    In addition to forward/reverse steering control, gear shifting, steering controls, and honk sounding; trim levers can be combined with stick control use for special controls. The Multi-Function Control Unit allows control of 5extra features to allow a 4-channel transmitter to operate at a 9-channel level. Special functions include support leg operation when employing separately sold Motorized Support Legs, operation of lights, engine revving, and engine stopping/starting, and more.

  • Engine Stop/Start Switching
  • Horn/Support Leg Switching
  • Light ON/OFF Switching
  • Turn Signal/Hazard Lamp Switching
  • Running/Revving Switching


TAMIYA 56523, RC TRUCK Multi Function Control Unit Euro Style
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TAMIYA 56523, RC TRUCK Multi Function Control Unit Euro Style
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TAMIYA 56523, RC TRUCK Multi Function Control Unit Euro Style
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