a guide to GUNZE GSI-Creos Mr.Hobby products
a guide to GUNZE GSI-Creos Mr.Hobby products

a guide to "GUNZE" GSI-Creos Mr.Hobby products

■ Mr.COLOR THINNER  T-101T-104

Mr.THINNER is necessary to thin paints and wash brushes. Mr.THINNER is a high quality material, so it is easy to use and mix with Mr.COLOR.

T-106, T-108
Mr. LEVELING THINNER is excellent for spray (airbrush) applicators.
Mixing Mr. LEVELING THINNER into Mr. COLOR at a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 improves coat leveling and increases shine.  When drying is slow because of insufficient air current during winter months, it is best to mix Mr. COLOR THINNER into Mr. LEVELING THINNER. 
The mixture will be dry to the touch after a period of about 10 minutes.

Mr.RETARDER MILD is an agent for retarding the drying of Mr.COLOR paints and eliminating lumps in brush-painted surfaces. In addition , it also greatly improves the evenness of the Mr.COLOR paint film and thus dramatically increase luster.
【Method of use】
・ With a brush
1. Add approx.10% Mr.RETARDER MILD to Mr.COLOR and mix in well.
2. Mr.RETARDER MILD should be added after transferring Mr.COLOR to another container such as a paint dish.
3. Your brush strokes should all be in the same direction. Don’t be concerned about any brush marks or lumps , as these will disappear.
With a airbrush
1.Add approx.20% Mr.RETARDER MILD to Mr.COLOR and mix in well.
2. One of Mr.RETARDER MILD’s special features is that it is effective in thinning. Mr.COLOR paints, while producing more luster than Mr.THINNER. However, adding more than 20% delays drying time longer than required ,so if you want to thin Mr.COLOR more you should use Mr.THINNER.
3. The method of application is the same as for regular spraying. However ,take care, since the paint may start to dribble.

■ Mr.SURFACER 500 
SF-285, B-506
This coating is useful for filling in bumps and dents in plastic models, scratches and for removing bubbles and finishing bases. It is suitable for large scale repairs and can be used a soluble putty.

■ Mr.SURFACER 1000  (SF-284, B-505, B-519)
Mr.SURFACER 1000 contains finer granules than Mr.SURFACER 500. They are both used in much the same way but ,due to the finer granules after sanding with waterproof sand-paper , a perfectly corrected surface is possible. Available in bottle and spray.   

■ Mr.SURFACER 1200  (B-515
Mr.SURFACER 1200 contains finer granules than Mr.SURFACER 1000. They are both used in much the same way.

■ Mr.WHITE SURFACER 1000  (B-511
Since it is white, Mr.WHITE SURFACER is used to modify plastic model parts that are black or dark in color. If this is used on the entire model, only a thin over-coat of paint in the desired color is necessary.

■ Mr.BASEWHITE 1000  (SF-283, B-518

Mr. BASE WHITE is useful for making a black, red or other dark-colored surface white.  This newly developed product uses special pigments to completely hide the base color and aids application of detailed finishing and top coats.  Because it also works as a surfacer, it can be used to hide small imperfections.

■ Mr.METAL PRIMER  (MP-242, B-504)
Undercoats for metal models and parts to make Mr.COLOR and other AQUEOUS HOBBY COLORS usable for surfaces.

Paints adhere well and peeling is prevented. Available in bottle and spray.

Mr. RESIN PRIMER SURFACER can be used to prime dolls and car models made of urethane resin.  Using this product to prime garage kits, etc., before painting can improve Mr. COLOR’s ability to stick to the painted item, which prevents flaking.  It is capable of covering small imperfections and spaces in model parts.
Notes: - Do not use this product on plastic models (polystyrene, etc.)
- Before applying paint to resin parts, carefully clean the area to be painted with a toothbrush and cleanser until water is no longer repelled.

■ Mr.TOP COAT  (B-501B-503

This brings out a realistic felling better than a painted top coat. Mr.TOP COAT can be applied over slide marks(decals) without blemishes. A good way to eliminate differences between the paints and the slide marks is making the model surface smoother.

■ Mr.SUPER CLEAR  (B-513, B-514, B-516)
Mr. SUPER CLEAR is a solvent-type coating agent for creating surfaces of superior quality.

It can be used not only for color painting, but also as the perfect coating agent when your work needs that added touch.
**READ special instructions and applications warnings of this product, at the end of this article**

MC-124, MC-127
Mr.CEMENT is appropriate for attachment between plastic parts in models(sterol resin plastics). Mr.CEMENT has a suitable adhesion and strong strength because it contains high-quality resins. Contains a brush.

Mr.JUSTONE-PUSH is a strong instant glue for plastic and metal models. Amounts of one drop can be dispensed by pushing the button on the container. This new container prevents excess amounts from being dispensed ,so it is economical and safe.


Quick-drying adhesive in a bottle. Use the brush to precisely apply points and lines. The special bottle prevents spills and eliminates worries about unintended applications. The tip does not become hard and unusable like adhesive in tubes, and the aluminum storage pocket guarantees long-term preservation of the adhesive

■ Mr.TOOL CLEANER  (T-107, T-109, T-113)
This product quickly dissolves paint stains on blow-sprayers, Pro Con BOY, Mr. AIRBRUSH, brushes, paint trays, spare bottles, etc.  Keeping your tools clean is the best way to become a better modeler.


Mr.PUTTY STRONG is an almighty putty for restoration, remodeling and amendment. It does not lean. You knead two sticks together. Then you can use it freely like a clay.


We succeeded in reducing weight by 40% for an epoxy that can be safely used in large quantity for remodeling and plastic parts. Also, the tendency
of past lightweight epoxies to bubble has been drastically reduced to guarantee beautiful workmanship. Also great for metal.

■ Mr.WHITE PUTTY  (P-118

Mr.PUTTY is now even better. The meticulous fine detail remains but workability is even better. Experience for yourself smoothness that is better than ever. We have given Mr.WHITE PUTTY exceptional resistance to paint absorption and a shade of white that has little effect on the final coat.

Introducing a highly effective liquid sealant putty with even better viscosity  than SURFACER 500.This product makes sealing up sections incredibly easy. Use SURFACER 500 for surface work and the liquid putty to even up rough sections.

This is a softening agent for slidemarks. It has the effect of closely adhering slidemarks to curved surfaces.
【Method of use】
・ First, apply a quick drop to the area where the decal will go using the brush attached to the cap.
・ Apply decal over it.
・ Apply gentle pressure to the decal with a soft cloth, removing any excessive liquid and sticking the decal down fast.
The decal will stick perfectly, even on uneven or curved surfaces.
・ If air gets in between the decal and the model surface, after drying delicately prick the decal with a needle and insert Mr.MARK SOFTER through the resulting hole. The air will escape, and the decal will stick down firmly.


In the past, Mr. MARK SOFTER was used simply to soften decals.  However, now, using Mr. MARK SOFTER together with Mr. MARK SETTER (which gives decals greater adhesiveness) makes it much easier to affix decals to plastic models.  First, the area to which the decal will be affixed is painted and the decal is applied.  After air bubbles are removed by pressing on the decal with a cotton swab, a coating of Mr. MARK SOFTER is applied and allowed to dry.  Because the decal now has greater adhesiveness, adhesive silvering (the floating and shiny quality of the clear parts of decals) can be firmly affixed to uneven surfaces.  It is perfect even for poorly made decals from Eastern European models.  Decals have better adhesiveness if the painted surface is prepared to have a glossy appearance, and they gain an appearance that suggests they were drawn by hand.

■ Mr.PAINT TRAY  (D-173)
Metal trays used for mixing and dividing paints. Since there are 11 trays, many colors can be used at once. They have wide rims for easy brush stroking.

Convenient spare bottle to store originally created colors from Mr.COLOR or AQUEOUS HOBBY COLOR mixing. Includes stirring robs, trays and bottles.


The popular MR.SUPARE BOTTLE is now available in large 40ml size. A metal cap with center pin guarantees to keep your colors combination fresh. Comes with labels for standard color combinations.

■ Mr.AIR SUPER  PA-145, PA-148

Needless to say, Mr.AIR SUPER is compatible with GSI Creos brushes , but you can use it with other brands as well. Since it is flammable, please keep away from flame when you use it. Be sure to try the environmentally friendly Mr.

■ Mr.AIR 152a 430  PA-149

Due to its effect on global warming, we have stopped producing of Freon 134a and introduced the 152a air. Compared to the 134a, volume is reduced ,but the emission time is the same. And though it is flammable, it is a substance that is very difficult to combust.

■ Mr. METAL COLOR  (MC-211MC-219

When polished, Mr. Metal Color reproduced the gleam of metal, something no ordinary paint can ever do.
【Method of use

1. When using a brush, always paint in the same direction, eg.lefr to right,  top to bottom.

2.  After become dry, use a piece of gauze, tissue, an old cloth etc. to polish.
    You can create interesting effects depending on how you polish.
    Use different polishing techniques in each case, eg. no polished (for a

    mat effect), half-polished, very well polished.
    Apply Mr. Top Coat to prevent Oxidation.

■ Mr.COLOR MAZIORA  (CM-0104,11,12
This amazing paint changes color depending on how light strikes it or the direction from which it is viewed.  It can be used on countless items, including vehicle bodies, model kits, figurines, and fishing lures.  Because it has a color base made by Mr. COLOR, it has superior applicability.  Intended for application by airbrush.

★Further information about Mr.TOPCOAT and Mr.SUPER CLEAR TOPCOAT
・Can be applied over Mr. COLOR, water-based hobby colors, and enamel paints.
・Can be used for painting that begins over slide marks.
・Using Mr. COLOR or Mr. SUPER CLEAR over TOPCOAT will cause it to dissolve.
・Just a light application by airbrush is sufficient.

special instructions for Mr. Super Clear
・This coating agent is specially formulated for use with Mr. COLOR.
It should  be used after Mr. COLOR has dried completely.
It cannot be used over water-based hobby colors.
・It will damage slide marks if applied over them.
・Should not be used in airbrushing on hot and humid days (temperature of 30°   C or more, humidity of 70% or more) as blushing can occur.
・When a Mr. COLOR and Mr. SPRAY car color is marked “two coat”, be sure to  apply a coat of Mr. SUPER CLEAR SHINE.  This applies to automobile colors as well. The original color can be restored by recoating.

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